It is amazing how Javascript has taken over and proved its worth in every development domain possible, web applications, hybrid mobile applications, IoT e.t.c. The community is bigger than ever and is still growing.

Up for change?

I’ve seen how the web development has changed over the years and Javascript has played a very important role there. I won’t dispute the utility of the language in web development but what’s atrocious is how quickly and radically it has been evolving. There are innumerable modules and frameworks that are available. The competition for market share is cut throat.

The virtual and the shadow DOMs have blown our minds off. The new building blocks of the web development are components and containers. And how can I not mention state management. ReactJS and Flux have certainly made a dent in the art of creating web applications. So much so, the new frameworks like VueJS have state management features built in, it’s an integral part of the moderate sized web applications these days. And now there is certain hype over the progressive web applications. As if, creating an mobile app isn’t cool anymore.

The Ecosystem

A few years back there were limited options of frameworks and third party libraries. Nowadays, these numbers have exploded. There are frameworks, libraries and modules that you certainly want on your side when you create a web application. There are very compelling reasons to choose one over another, but the problem is there are compelling reasons for choosing another over our one too. Hmm, sorry for the bad humor. The bottom line is that there are so many options that you’ll get confused which ones to pick to create your technology stack. However, the trends and fellow developers make the choices somewhat easier by repeatedly choosing a certain stack and popularizing it.

I’ll be dedicating this blog to explore some of the major parts of the Javascript ecosystem. Which do I pick? Anything which I like. Especially the ones I have used and have gained enough expertise to talk about. Let’s see where these posts take us and what exactly is the dream stack.