Wherez The Passion Programmers?

Something that I have felt for a long time was summed up beautifully in a single quote from an unknown author. It said If construction workers made as crappy houses as us programmers make crappy software, civilizations would’ve crumble overnight. Softwares are supposed to be the building blocks for a better tomorrow, the mirror of the present technology and a promise for an intelligent and far better automation in the future. But, when we work in the industry, what we ...

Coding and the Cross: Google code prettify + Tumblr = love

ghoti143: So you’ve got a Tumblr blog. And you craft code. From time to time, you might want to show that code off to the world. May I submit to you Google Code Prettify? This is the dogfood that Google uses to power code.google.com, so it has to be good, right? (You better say yes lest all your email,… Little tweaks can make your day. 🙂 Coding and the Cross: Google code prettify + Tumblr = love

So You’ve Heard of ‘Static’

Statics must be judicially used. And that too very carefully. One must be very clear of the implementation and must have all the below mentioned points in mind. Reasons why one shouldn’t use statics- 1. They are a permanent resident of the memory stack. 2. They are initialized when the container class initializes. 3. Since they remain forever, they easily lead to memory leaks. If you must use statics, for certain very strong reasons. You must use it with final ...

Single Exit Point Funda

Well single entry and single exit for a method sounds very good to the ears. Sometimes, the readability is enhanced a bit by using the single exit point. But, throwing exceptions midway blows it off anyway. The single exit point principle seems to purely dogmatic in nature.

If .. else if .. else

Always place the condition which is expected to occur more often in the if block. And the condition least expected in the else block. The only difference in the the execution of code written in if, else if and else blocks is the jump statements in the byte code generated.