Maven, Jenkins, Parameterized Builds - Basic Facts

Maven, Jenkins, Parameterized Builds – Basic Facts

Using maven and still struggling with the build process? Or wish it was better? What to expect out of the article? Building all the modules of a project at once Parameterized builds with jenkins Making your life easy Stating some facts about maven which you might already know. Maven is a very smart build tool ‘Head of the Family’ POM To make life easier with build processes with maven. Follow what I call ‘Head of the Family’ POM. This pom ...

A good bird’s view of java exceptions and errors.

Zero Day Bug

The 0 day bugs with description. Zero Day Bug

Oracle. What have you done to my java?

The zero day flaw have hit java right in its face. Apparently the java apllets can be tricked into invoking *.exe files unless the file is sufficiently secure. Oooh oracle!!! What have you done to Java. Only Java7 is vulnerable to this attack. So if you are not updated, you need not worry. Seriously guys, what have oracle done to Java? Such things never used to happen when Sun was incharge. Huh!!!