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Why break Promise and use RxJS?

In the previous post about RxJS, I set myself a target of answering a few questions. This post in particular deals with the following: What other advantages does declarative style offer? Let’s answer this question in the context of RxJS… Continue Reading →

MobX for those who can’t get over their ex, Redux

MobX can be underwhelming because as it is too easy to get started with. Or it’s simplicity is too overwhelming to get over redux principles for those who understand redux as well. People are generally skeptic about using MobX as… Continue Reading →

MobX and why it is not Redux

Let’s head directly to the point. Principle MobX is based on transparently applying functional reactive programming (TFRP). i.e. This is a non-obtrusive tool for the state management needs. In case, you don’t know what state management is, read further; if… Continue Reading →

Maven, Jenkins, Parameterized Builds – Basic Facts

Using maven and still struggling with the build process? Or wish it was better? What to expect out of the article? Building all the modules of a project at once Parameterized builds with jenkins Making your life easy Stating some… Continue Reading →

A good bird’s view of java exceptions and errors.

Zero Day Bug

The 0 day bugs with description.

Zero Day Bug

The 0 day bugs with description. Zero Day Bug

Oracle. What have you done to my java?

The zero day flaw have hit java right in its face. Apparently the java apllets can be tricked into invoking *.exe files unless the file is sufficiently secure. Oooh oracle!!! What have you done to Java. Only Java7 is vulnerable… Continue Reading →

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