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IEBPTPCH :: Merge PDS Members in a PS File.

IBM provides a utility, IEBPTPCH, to merge members of PDS (Partitioned Dataset) into a PS (Physical Sequential) file. However the sole purpose of this utility is to Print or Punch all or part of datasets (PS or PDS). So we… Continue Reading →

PS File Record Format :: Fixed block or Variable block?

Most commonly used file formats for a PS file are Fixed Block (FB) & Variable Block (VB). At times when we are uncertain of the file format, we can easily deduce that using LISTDS command with IKJEFT01 utility in JCL…. Continue Reading →

IGYWCLG :: COBOL File handling in JCL SYSIN Card.

In previous post we have seen how to execute a COBOL program (Add 2 numbers) in JCL Sysin Card. This post is concentrating more on how to accomplish a complex task for e.g. File handling using IGYWCLG. All we got… Continue Reading →

Run a COBOL program through JCL SYSIN Card :: IGYWCLG utility.

Many a times, we require to write a COBOL program for testing purpose. For that we write the COBOL program then we write a Compile JCL and then Run JCL. However this can be done in a simple JCL Step… Continue Reading →

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