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Sonar Analysis From Eclipse

Sonar is a great tool for ensuring quality and maintainable code. Sonar is like a code reviewer every developer should have. One shouldn’t wait for a formal code review and peer code review to find fault with one’s own code…. Continue Reading →

Tomcat Log4j Dynamic Logging

Tomcat Log4j Dynamic Logging Using log4j with DailyRollingFileAppender in Tomcat? Well, if you run Tomcat as a windows service, you might have noticed that your logs do not rotate daily.  The logs rotate only when the server is restarted. Although… Continue Reading →

Serialization and Constructor Invocations

Serialization and Constructor Invocations I heard some very strange things about serialization lately and decided to run some test to verify them. I first created a sample class that implements Serializable. The line 4 here, ensures that ‘SuperConstructor’ gets printed… Continue Reading →

Google Keynote 2013 Android

Google Keynote 2013 Android Three hours of  technical show of power and innovation. And I was literally awestruck.  And why not, Google has earned the bragging rights doing some amazing work. Google once again targeted on providing the flexibility and power… Continue Reading →

JavaEE CDI in one page

I’ve been reading and checking out the (javaee cdi) CDI- Context and Dependency Injection in JavaEE lately. The more I read, more I fall in love with it. I’ll try and make the article short and less painful for you. And… Continue Reading →

Change in Java version numbering scheme

Heard of the change in Java version numbering scheme? Java has recently announced the change in the version numbering scheme. Here are a few highlights related to this news. What was the version numbering scheme before the change? Earlier the… Continue Reading →

HttpClient and Web Sniffers

Introduction When I say HttpClient, I talk about a package i.e. org.apache.commons.httpclient in commons-httpclient. HttpClient is used for making post and get request to particular URIs. And one can all kinds of things with the response and response headers. A… Continue Reading →

Eclipse Tweak: Show more ‘recent workspaces’

I like to keep my projects categorized into various workspaces when working with eclipse. This help me keep my work organized and keeps eclipse from indexing all the stuff at once. Also, this way it takes less toll on my… Continue Reading →

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