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Code Quality

All the stuff related to improving the code quality.

The Art of Debug Logging

Almost everybody is well equipped with logging essentials. But, only a few understand the purpose and power of the debug logs. Lets just refresh our basics as far as debug logging is concerned. To me personally, a best practices reminder… Continue Reading →

SonarQube: Using PostJob in Plugins

The last post was all about creating a new plugin for sonar. Now, lets get off the beaten path and create a post job in a plugin instead of a decorator or sensor. But, first it is important to understand… Continue Reading →

Coding Custom SonarQube Plugin

This will be a continuation of the sonar series in code quality section. This article is for users who have been using sonar and wish to extend and explore the possibilities of customization. Go through the previous posts if you… Continue Reading →

Sonar Analysis From Eclipse

Sonar is a great tool for ensuring quality and maintainable code. Sonar is like a code reviewer every developer should have. One shouldn’t wait for a formal code review and peer code review to find fault with one’s own code…. Continue Reading →

Admiring and Understanding LinkedBlockingQueue take Method

In order to admire the code of the implementation of the BlockingQueue, lets have a look at the LinkedBlockingQueue take method. Lets go through the code line by line, understanding the role of each line of code. Line 4: final¬†AtomicInteger… Continue Reading →

Generics And Parameter Type Hiding

Generics is an essential ingredient for a extensible and crafty design. When used wisely, generics make a programming language look good. Spiderman has reminded us repeatedly that with great power comes great responsibility. With all the extensibility we might toss… Continue Reading →

Item 15: Minimize Mutability

Confused what Item 15 is? Well, as I have already mentioned in my previous posts, ‘Items’ are 78 items mentioned in Joshua Bloch’s book ‘Effective Java’. Those, well versed with the items in Effective Java may read them as a… Continue Reading →

Item 14: In public classes, use accessor methods, not public fields

So, do you see what’s wrong with this code? Well, not much actually. Item 14 in effective java is pretty simple to understand. In fact its just a by product of using common sense while writing code. Problem with the… Continue Reading →

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