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Intersection of Linked Lists

Continuing with the skitch experiment, here’s another attempt to explain spotting the intersection of Linked Lists with some cool images. Allow me to quickly introduce you to two good friends, Linked List 1 and Linked List 2. The linked list… Continue Reading →

Kth maximum element in unsorted collection

Finding the Kth maximum element in an unsorted array doesn’t seem to be a big deal. Because, we know that finding the maximum and if we keep on eliminating the largest element from the array. And this we will take… Continue Reading →

No. of Step Calculation in an Algorithm

There was a time when the processor were just starting to explore their potential. Then code optimization made a huge difference in the performance of the code. But, today most programmers take the optimization for granted as the compilers are… Continue Reading →

Greatest Common Divisor: Euclid Style

Euclid out of nowhere proposed this algorithm which calculates the greatest common divisor of two numbers. The simplest way of calculating the GCD is probably the simple prime factorization method. But, Euclid was no common chap. He devised a way… Continue Reading →

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