PS File Record Format :: Fixed block or Variable block?

Most commonly used file formats for a PS file are Fixed Block (FB) & Variable Block (VB). At times when we are uncertain of the file format, we can easily deduce that using LISTDS command with IKJEFT01 utility in JCL. LISTDS will list all the attributes for e.g. Record Format,Record length etc.  of the dataset you input with LISTDS command.

IGYWCLG :: COBOL File handling in JCL SYSIN Card.

In previous post we have seen how to execute a COBOL program (Add 2 numbers) in JCL Sysin Card. This post is concentrating more on how to accomplish a complex task for e.g. File handling using IGYWCLG. All we got to do is – write your COBOL program which handles certain files in COBOL.SYSIN. Only thing which differs is the way to write DD names for input & output files.

Run a COBOL program through JCL SYSIN Card :: IGYWCLG utility.

Many a times, we require to write a COBOL program for testing purpose. For that we write the COBOL program then we write a Compile JCL and then Run JCL. However this can be done in a simple JCL Step by using IGYWCLG utility. What it does is, it takes COBOL statements as input in SYSIN card and when you submit the JCL it compiles,link-edit and runs those COBOL statements.
Serialization and Constructor Invocations

Serialization and Constructor Invocations

Serialization and Constructor Invocations I heard some very strange things about serialization lately and decided to run some test to verify them. I first created a sample class that implements Serializable. The line 4 here, ensures that ‘SuperConstructor’ gets printed on my console whenever the constructor is invoked. The first weird thing, I was told about was, 1. When deserializing, the constructor of the target class is never invoked. For an average innocent bloke like me, that is a shocker. ...

Google Keynote 2013 Android

Google Keynote 2013 Android Three hours of  technical show of power and innovation. And I was literally awestruck.  And why not, Google has earned the bragging rights doing some amazing work. Google once again targeted on providing the flexibility and power to the developer. Google I/O Keynote 2013 featured most of the things Google has been up to. What amazed me was the absence of a full fledged presentation regarding the Google Glass. However, there were a few very appealing features. ...