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Why break Promise and use RxJS?

In the previous post about RxJS, I set myself a target of answering a few questions. This post in particular deals with the following: What other advantages does declarative style offer? Let’s answer this question in the context of RxJS… Continue Reading →

Tryst with RxJS

This article marks the beginning of me diving deep into the declarative style of programming using the reactive style of programming. Reactive programming has been around for a while now. The ng community has accepted RxJS in no time and… Continue Reading →

MobX for those who can’t get over their ex, Redux

MobX can be underwhelming because as it is too easy to get started with. Or it’s simplicity is too overwhelming to get over redux principles for those who understand redux as well. People are generally skeptic about using MobX as… Continue Reading →

MobX and why it is not Redux

Let’s head directly to the point. Principle MobX is based on transparently applying functional reactive programming (TFRP). i.e. This is a non-obtrusive tool for the state management needs. In case, you don’t know what state management is, read further; if… Continue Reading →

The Javascript Ecosystem

It is amazing how Javascript has taken over and proved its worth in every development domain possible, web applications, hybrid mobile applications, IoT e.t.c. The community is bigger than ever and is still growing. Up for change? I’ve seen how… Continue Reading →

ReactJS Component Documentation

The patrons recommend the use of presentation, dumb and stateless components. The number of such components which have nothing to do with the business logic or the state of the application can be overwhelmingly high. One often starts with a… Continue Reading →

The Art of Debug Logging

Almost everybody is well equipped with logging essentials. But, only a few understand the purpose and power of the debug logs. Lets just refresh our basics as far as debug logging is concerned. To me personally, a best practices reminder… Continue Reading →

SonarQube: Using PostJob in Plugins

The last post was all about creating a new plugin for sonar. Now, lets get off the beaten path and create a post job in a plugin instead of a decorator or sensor. But, first it is important to understand… Continue Reading →

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